With this game, we can recreate various bowling alleys with different environments, and bowling training, and improve your bowling skills and competitions. When you press the trigger and bring your hand to the ball, we will catch it, we must aim well and adjust the force to direct the ball where you want and try to throw as many pins as possible.

The game mechanics are very intuitive as they are very close to reality, and the same with game modes. The only difference in terms of gameplay is that we will not weight a ball in our hand, otherwise, it perfectly recreates what a game of bowling is like.

The Game

The experience uses the virtual reality glasses, Oculus, which is what makes the realism exceptional.

Thanks to this, the user can see all the details in depth and height, achieving effects such as seeing the details of objects, bringing the ball close to the face, or even turning the head and looking back.

We use the controls of the VR goggles to grab the ball and throw it in the same way as we do in reality.


In the space for these simulators, we have two virtual reality stations, which can be extended if desired.
We recommend this activity for ages 7 and up so that the VR goggles fit correctly on the head and there are no visual problems.

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