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Inmersivas a medida

Ofrecemos la posibilidad de desarrollar experiencias personalizados a medida. Crear escenarios virtuales, entornos interactivos, fotogrametría de objetos o reales para insertarlos en entornos virtuales, escenarios son algunas de las funciones que trabajamos con esta tecnología. Experimenta en primera persona un mundo inmersivo. Acerca tus productos y servicios a un público de una manera diferente: un […]

Shopping Centres

Looking for ideas for a corner in your shopping centre? How about a Virtual Reality gaming activity? VR entertainment is a favourite activity for children! We can transform any event space (big or small) into a pop-up games room.


Looking for a fun and innovative idea at your next event? Surprise your guests with immersive virtual reality experiences - it's fun for any age! We provide VR rental services throughout the peninsular territory.


Looking for a new birthday party venue or new ideas for a fun celebration? Have your next birthday party in the virtual reality playroom! Book a private play space just for your party!

Team Building

Looking for a fun team building activity or a team outing? Virtual reality has it all! Work together to solve amazing puzzles in virtual reality - play and compete in teams of up to 10 players!

Gold, frankincense and virtual myrrh

Travel to Bethlehem with the Wise Men

5 mins. 3 players +7 years old

With this virtual reality experience, we will follow the journey of the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem. On the back of a camel, from the desert through the cities of the East to the Bethlehem Portal, guided by a shooting star.

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Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush

Hang-glider simulator

3 mins. 2 players +7 years old

To make the virtual experience more immersive, the user is suspended in a chair anchored to a metal structure, thus preventing their feet from touching the ground and giving them the sensation of flying. Trying out hang gliding, paramotor, or wingsuit games.

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Family Christmas experience

Santa Claus sleigh ride

5 mins. 4 players +7 years old

This virtual experience puts you in the shoes of Father Christmas, at the North Pole where we will take you on a lively journey. The virtual experience is for 4 people. Recommended for children from 7 years old.

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Learn how to create music

Virtual DJ Simulator

15 mins. 1 player +12 years old

You will have a complete set of equipment to create music. Choose your character, equipment, and stage, of course, also the songs and start mixing. It is not very complicated to start DJing and the best thing to do is to start playing the different devices until you create the desired effects.

Race car testing

Driving simulator

15 mins. 2-4 players +12 years old

We will be able to enjoy any circuit, race with any competition vehicle, single-seater or tourism, with any condition and from now on we also include the best rallies, rallycross or mountain rallies as well as the most important event in this modality, The Dakar Rally.

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