This virtual experience puts you in the shoes of Father Christmas, at the North Pole, where we will go on a very animated journey. The journey begins very slowly, but little by little the reindeer increase their speed and begin to gain altitude until they take off on a spectacular flight.

We go on a route in which we first climb to the top of a snowy mountain landscape, then we increase the speed dizzyingly and go through different scenarios of the North Pole. We get to feel the sensation of flying with a sled, we will feel the speed. When we arrive at a small village, presents appear right in front of us and we have to throw them into the chimneys so that the children can receive their presents. At the end of the experience, we will see authentic fireworks show in virtual reality.

The Game

To take full advantage of the virtual experience, we use an immersive virtual reality system.
Thanks to this, the user gets to see all details in depth and height.
It is possible to get up close and see the details of Santa's sleigh, even turn around and see the virtual presents traveling on the back of the sleigh.
It is very easy to use, with the VR controllers we will only use one button to pick up the gifts and throw them, we will only have to enjoy the journey and be able to aim with the gifts.


The virtual experience is for 4 people. Recommended for ages 7 and up, so that the virtual reality glasses fit snugly on your head and you can enjoy the experience to the full. Of course, it is also suitable for adults, who enjoy a ride in Santa's sleigh just as much as children.

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