Who hasn't dreamed of wielding a Star Wars-style lightsaber?

Fans of this saga dream of picking up a lightsaber and using it like their favourite characters, feeling the power of the Force and seeing the most spectacular settings. With this virtual reality experience this is now a reality.

It is one of the best virtual reality games made in recent years.
It has several game modes, the most interesting of which is the combat against different Star Wars characters. In short periods of time, different enemies do not appear and as we pass the levels, the difficulty increases. We can use lightsabers, weapons, bombs or even make use of the force.

The Game

To make the most of all the features of the virtual experience we use an immersive virtual reality system. Thanks to this, the user gets to see all the details in depth and height, achieving effects such as getting closer and seeing the details or even turning your head and looking back.

We use the controls of the VR goggles to operate the lightsabers or weapons. We will have to repel the shots and attacks of our enemies by moving the controllers.


For the Star Wars experiences we will have 2 complete VR teams for the development of the event, which can be extended to 4 teams if required. 2 complete teams with PC, VR goggles + controllers, TV + stand and peripherals.

It is required that the place chosen to hold the event is not directly affected by sunlight, as this may affect the correct functioning of the technological equipment.

We recommend this activity for ages 7 and up so that the VR goggles fit correctly on the head and there are no visual problems.

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