The wingsuit simulator will take you into the sky and you can fly through the mountains in a wingsuit. Try to get as close to the cliffs as you can at speeds of over 200 km/h, at high altitudes, and always admiring the photo-realistic landscape, with plenty of circuits to enjoy.

You can fly by controlling your character, changing his posture, and making him speed up or slow down. You can see, hear and feel every gust of wind that passes around you.

To make the virtual experience more immersive, the user is suspended in a chair anchored to a metal structure, thus preventing their feet from touching the ground and giving the sensation of flying.

The Game

The operation is very simple, the user gets into the suspended chair, we anchor it, and put on the VR goggles, with the controls and moving the arms, we deploy the wingsuit. To turn left and right, we tilt our heads in the direction we want to go.

We use an immersive virtual reality system. Thanks to this, the user gets to see all the details in depth and height, even turn their head and look back.


In the space for these simulators, we proposed two virtual reality stations. These stations consist of a seat where the users are suspended so that they can go up and down very quickly, increasing the rotation of the activity.
We recommend this activity for ages 7 and up so that the VR goggles fit correctly on the head and there are no visual problems.

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