Grab your Touch controllers and become the ultimate gunslinger in this action shooter.
An action-packed first-person shooter for virtual reality with instinctive gameplay and a detailed scoring system. Achieve the highest score by creating combat tactics and skill shots.

Fight against alien hordes or armies, and experience the missions that made Captain Stone the legend he is today. It features four complete planets, Earth, Pladeon, Shaanti, and Valtos, each with four different locations and epic endgame fights.
More than 14 weapons and 30 different enemy types are available from the start.

The Game

This type of game is simple to operate in virtual reality. Once we put on and pick up the controllers, we see the weapons in our hands, which are perfectly adapted to the controllers.

We shoot in the same way as a gun, with the front trigger. All that's left to do now is to fine-tune our aim with the targets.

The immersive virtual reality system we will use in this simulator is Oculus.


You can also change the theme of the game to make it less intense. A Wild West scenario where you have to kill all the ghosts, an invasion of killer robots, a strange planet where all the aliens are out to get you or a classic zombie invasion are the gameplay possibilities in this VR shooter.

In the space for these simulators, we have two virtual reality stations, which can be extended if desired.
We recommend this activity for ages 12 and up due to the content.

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