With this simulator, we will be able to enjoy a peaceful flight with incredible landscapes and photo-realistic scenery.

The game allows you to make a classic and calm flight or to make a competition flight in which you will have some objectives along a route.

To make the virtual experience more immersive, the user is suspended in a chair anchored to a metal structure, thus preventing their feet from touching the ground and giving the sensation of flying, while at the same time making the ascent and descent of each user fast with a high rotation. The simulator is very successful thanks to the innovative control system. The player gets to see all the details in depth and height.

The flight simulator uses real 3D maps so we can fly over mountains, valleys, rivers and forests with ease. The view is in first person, as if we were holding on to the steering bar of the hang glider, and all that remains is to enjoy the flight over the area.

The Game

The operation is very simple, the user gets into the suspended chair, we anchor him, and puts on the VR goggles, with the controls we operate the hang glider thanks to the joysticks, in just a few seconds we understand how to use it.

If the user is gliding with the hang glider in the simulation, the software automatically restarts when the user falls. It is programmed to perform a 5-minute flight, as this is the time for the largest number of people to pass, although it can be extended or reduced according to preference.


In the space for these simulators, we have two virtual reality stations, which can be extended if desired.
We recommend this activity for ages 7 and up so that the VR goggles fit correctly on the head and there are no visual problems.

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