This virtual reality simulation shows us how it is to drive a forklift. Its controls are identical to how they are in reality and we will have to move certain loads in the right way and without accidents.

We have two simulation modes available, one is training, in which you learn to handle the forklift and all its controls and move boxes increasing the difficulty. This mode serves to know in a first contact with a forklift, all its controls and get skill in its handling.

The second mode is the exam mode. In a certain time we must move some boxes that are in the center of a warehouse and place them correctly on the shelf. We must do this by following the path indicated to us and also without hitting the boxes without falling or accidents.

The Game

This simulator uses Oculus virtual reality goggles, which is what makes the realism exceptional.

We will have absolute positioning, thanks to this, we can move within the limits of space and see the details of our virtual experience.

We use a driving seat to give realism to the simulation and for the controls we use only the virtual reality controls, with which we will operate all the controls and levers of the forklift.


In the space for these simulators, we have two virtual reality stations, which can be extended if desired.
We recommend this activity for ages 12 and older, as the difficulty of the simulator is high, we must first become proficient in the training mode and then test our skills in the exam mode.

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