With this virtual reality experience we will follow the journey of the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem. On the back of a camel, from the desert through the cities of the East to the Bethlehem Portal, guided by a shooting star.

When we put on the VR goggles we see ourselves in the exact position of the camel and we immediately set off into the darkness of the desert.
We carry a candle in our hands that we can use to light wherever we want in dark scenes.

This virtual reality experience has been developed by Experience Factory and represents an exclusive opportunity as there is currently no content with this theme on virtual reality platforms. We are aware of the importance of these dates for your establishments, and for this reason, we have seen the need to cover this theme.

The Game

To take full advantage of the virtual experience, we use an immersive virtual reality system.
Thanks to this, the user can see all the details in depth and height. It is possible to zoom in and see the details and even turn around, always within the limits of space and the virtual reality goggles.

We will also use the VR controllers to trigger some interactions.


In the space for this experience we set up three virtual reality stands with their three camels, like the three Wise Men.
Recommended for children from 7 years of age, so that the virtual reality goggles can fit snugly on the head and the experience can be enjoyed to the full.

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