With this virtual reality experience, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a medieval warrior, a samurai, or a soldier of ancient Rome. We will face the defenders of a castle, climb the battlements without being knocked down, or be the defenders of that castle. Go out into an imposing Roman coliseum where we will choose our rival or rivals, from warriors from other eras to the most terrifying beasts.

We will fight with the weapons that these warriors have by default or we will choose the most appropriate weapons and protections for the battle.

Depending on your preferences, we will tell you about the possibilities to adjust to a spectacular immersive experience.

The Game

To make the most of all the simulator's features, we use an immersive virtual reality system.

Thanks to this, the user can see all the details in depth and height, achieving effects such as bringing the weapon closer to us and seeing the details of the rivals or even turning our heads and looking back. The system used is Oculus, currently the best on the market.

We use the VR goggle controllers to carry the weapons and defenses we use to try to win the battle.


For the space with these simulators, we propose two virtual reality stations, which can be extended if desired.
Recomendable para niños a partir de 12 años por el contenido.

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