In the virtual escape rooms, we must do the same as in the physical ones, find all the clues to overcome the tests, which will lead us to the final prize before the end of the time limit.

Explore the environment, solve puzzles, discover useful items, investigate clues and find your way through the rooms.

You must pass tests ranging from easy ones, such as finding keys or codes, to more complex ones involving difficult interactions with the machinery of enormous proportions. If you fail to progress, there is a built-in hint system to help you.

Will you accept the challenge?

The Game

The experience uses the virtual reality glasses, Oculus, which is what makes the realism exceptional.

Thanks to this, the user can see all the details in depth and height, achieving effects such as seeing the details of objects, or even turning the head and looking back.

We use the VR goggles' controls to pick up objects or perform actions in the same way as we do in reality.


For the space of these simulators, we propose two virtual reality stations, which can be extended if desired.
We recommend this activity for ages 12 and up as some interactions or understanding, some of the clues is very difficult.

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