This virtual reality simulation puts us in the place of different situations that can occur when driving. Distractions at the wheel caused by mobile phones are very common, as we see in our daily lives. Another of the most important causes of accidents is fatigue caused by tiredness, heat or lack of sleep. And of course the consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances causes a significant distortion in drivers.

With this simulator we will test the effects of these situations and see how easy it is to have an accident and how dangerous it is to get behind the wheel when fatigued, having consumed alcoholic beverages, or using a mobile phone.

The virtual reality simulation has an educational and awareness-raising purpose for road safety.

The Game

To make the most of all the simulator's features, we use an immersive virtual reality system.

Thanks to this, the user can see all the details in depth and height, achieving effects such as getting closer to the steering wheel or looking in the rear-view mirrors. The system used is Oculus, currently the best on the market.

We use a driver's seat to make the experience more immersive and the controls of the VR goggles to operate the steering wheel, gearbox, and objects in the car.


In the space for these simulators, we have two virtual reality stations, which can be extended if desired.
Recommended for children aged 12 and over, as the content is of high difficulty.

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